"Instant Classics" end-of-the-year : Vladislav Delay, Karl O’Connor, Raime, ERP, Function, Pinch & Shackleton

I can’t believe it. We’ve had one of the most amazing months ever, actually. I really consider 10 or 15 records that have come out recently as future classics. I guess in a few years, we’ll remember 2011 as a fantastic year. 

I can already hear the journalists explain the whole thing by running around financial and political crisis, the arab revolutions, the collapse of Europe,  the earthquakes and Tsunamis, the deep cultural crisis our society is going through…

This is only very encouraging for 2012.

So, what it is all about ? Well, in the end, it’s just a bunch of records that have come out recently, and that I really like. Is it really worth all that jazz ? 

I’ll let you decide :

Vladislav Delay - Vantaa // Raster Noton

Vlad goes “out of the box”. Tempos, sound design, structure, everything is kind of going out of control on this record. It’s nice to see him doing something that spontaneous. Don’t get me wrong, the whole record is made with great dedication and attention, and there is this incomparable signature of his. He’s told me last month he’s now going to release stuff on Raster Noton exclusively. Well, this one makes me beg for more.



Karl O’Connor - White Savage Dance // Downwards

Regis gets back to his “early works”. It’s brutal, simple and effective Cold Wave. It encapsulates the whole thing, if you know what I mean. Nothing changed. Obvious instant classic, the historical reasons are there, so what can I say…?



Raime - Hennail // Blackest Ever Black

What these two guys are achieving on this label is great and pure and inspired. It’s always very exciting to hear a brand new label and a brand new act redefining the boundaries of musical genres as we know them. That’s exactly what Raime are achieving on “BEB”. (And that’s what we’re hoping to do with dscrd on DEMENT3D, too…)



ERP - Lunar Ruins // Harbour City Sorrow

Even though a lot of recent productions are pale DIY copies of what happened in Detroit, NewYork and Chicago back then…, well sometimes there are still some people that can touch this very special magic. there’s a true Juan atkins / Drexciya spirit in these brilliant ethereal electro tracks. 

I guess Gerard Hanson, the man behind “Event Related Potential” and Convextion, has to be “inhabited”. 


I didn’t find any recent youtube video of this release, so here’s an old one (2005, “old” ? come on…) “Aurelia”. Beautiful huh ?


Function - Ember // Sandwell District

Okay, hmmm, here, I REALLY got something to say about this record. It’s hard to find the words. I even think it will be impossible to make myself clear. For me, this is the type of records that say it all. It isn’t meant to be that way ; it’s only Dave Sumner making the best music he could possibly do, in a studio, with his own world of influences and friends. The intention is simple, honest and humble. But in my opinion, this record has a lot more to say. 

From where I stand, this record embeds a whole legacy of electronic music. It’s a concentrated version of the history of techno, seen through the eyes of Function. When I hear “Inter” ; it’s the whole New York Soul I’ve loved so much that come up. Little details are reminiscent of Kevorkian’s or Burrell Brother’s or even Arthur Baker’s productions, and still, we’re in Berlin in the 2010’s, “Nah und Fern”. I feel I’m everywhere at once : Body & Soul, Berghain, Wax Treatment, and Limelight. On top of that, a sort of John Cage-ish soundtrack with a conversation in french is going on in the background. The type of details that gets me high. As if a pill had been slipped in your glass of 18 years old scotch. This record is a legacy.

The “‘captain of the pirate ship” has opened up his treasure box.  Dave, you should wear an eyepatch, really !


Pinch & Shackleton // Honest Jon’s

Come on, this is only a blog, why would I be writing such a long post ? Couldn’t I save up some more for later ? Well… No. Unfortunately, there is too much to say about these records I’ve been hearing over and over again in the past weeks. I only wish I’ll be able to read these lines in a few years and remember how it felt. 

'Cause unraveling this creation by those two seminal Dubstep masterminds was a pretty intense experience.  Some will even be annoyed by this manner they have of installing a tension for minutes and minutes before the track actually seems to begin. For me, well… it gets me everytime. This is the type of record that gets me under a complete hypnosis, and, with Sam Shackleton on the helm, on a trip around the world.

These two englishmen sure found a way to talk to each other, in a very private gentlemen’s club called Honest Jon’s, and the result enhances the intense grooves and the strange atmospheres in their music. I’m totally drifting away with those two adventurers. 


A Made Up Sound/ 2562, dscrd, Milton Bradley, Mike Parker..

I could go on for hours, a lot of brilliant techno records came out these last weeks. Of course I’m talking again about dscrd… Can’t let go obviously. But guys, I’ll just end up saying one simple thing :

 Buy those records, in a few years, you’ll regret it if you didn’t.